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The red of Independence

November 3 2017

Picture: © Buonomo & Cometti

In the range of Chanel makeup, I choose the lipstick Independent. Because he draws on the white page of the face a sign that means: I do what I like. - Isabelle Cerboneschi


he is a woman who symbolizes independence, that's good Gabrielle Chanel. At a time when the social lift did not exist, the girl abandoned a street vendor jumped four to four on all the hierarchical levels to arrive at the very top of the pyramid, at the head of a fashion house that has become the epitome of luxury.

Never married, no child, she knew how to move in a world for which she had not been cut. When she created her fashionist house, Boy Capel, her lover had opened a line of credit with her bank in the autumn 1910 through which she was able to rent an apartment at 21 rue Cambon and affix the plaque Chanel Modes.

Boy Capel then helped her to open a shop in Deauville and Biarritz. But as soon as her finances allowed it, Gabrielle Chanel refunded everything, with interest, in 1915. "I really do not know if I love you when I will not need you anymore," she told him one day. On hearing that his mistress had freed himself from his debts, Boy Capel would say to him, "I thought I gave you a toy, I gave you freedom."

A lipstick is an artifice, a color to put forward a mouth that will speak or keep quiet, who will smile or close. A red lipstick is a powerful sign, a color deposited on a page made not of paper but of flesh.

Red is the color that was chosen Lucia Pica for the whole of the first collection she created as a Global Creative Designer for Makeup and Chanel Color and which was launched in 2016. "Mademoiselle Chanel used to say: If you are sad, if you have a heartache, make up, put on lipstick, and attack. For her, this color meant power, that of femininity. For me, paradoxically, it also represents vulnerability and all aspects of women, experience, desire, sensuality, "explained Lucia Pica.

When this red is called Independent the symbol is even stronger. We can choose a makeup for its color (it is also recommended). But we can also choose him for his name.

I chose him for that: for the promise that he carries in him and in which I furiously want to believe.