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Juliette has a gun, the perfumed fantasies of Romano Ricci

July 24 2018

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Behind every perfume created by Romano Ricci, there is a story, be it dark or sexy, strange or hallucinating. Its opus could be embodied by many women; seductive, disruptive, provocative, punk, rock, loving too. Meet Romano Ricci, the creator of the world's coolest perfume brand. - Jo Phillips, Paris.

Let's put things first. Romano Ricci did not arrive in the world of perfume by chance: he is the great-grandson of the seamstress Nina Ricci. Her son, Robert Ricci (the grandfather of Romano), created the famous perfume Air du temps, Not that this is part of Romano’s scent journey. For him it is part of his past and not part of what drew him into fragrance, as he said it was just “always around”.

So why does this cooler than cool Parisienne have a perfume line that is 10 years old called Juliette has a Gun you may well ask?   Well, Juliette Capulet from the doomed literary couple Romeo and Juliette has been brought up to the 21st century by him; the archetypal romantic woman now owns a pistol and has a whole load of attitude to boot, so now she is cool. The gun in the name does represent a new type of woman who is determined and strong, is her own person and is of course stylish. This brand all all about where the archetypical romantic who is a bad arse, with bad attitude; What a way to start!

So thats the name of the brand and as for the juices, there are two major collections the Classic and the Luxury. Within the classic range look out for perfumes such asLady Vengeance, Mad Madame , Anyway, Sunny Side Up, MMMetCitizen Queen. The Luxe collection has five, includingOil Fiction, Into the VoidetWhite Spirit, names that sum up the spirit of the brand. A new fragrance, called Liquid Illusion,will be launched in September, so you will need to wait a little while for this exquisite juice. In the meantime let’s explore just a few of this coolest of cool fragrances, explore the shop and the whole of the brand that is Juliette has a gun.

Located in the district of Marais, au 2 rue des Francs-Bourgeois, the name is Café Juliette. This crazy place perfectly summarises the spirit of the brand. An emergency red phone is hanging on the wall. By dialling 911, you can directly contact Romano Ricci and discuss his perfumes with him in the store. Faces of giant characters, painted on large canvases, have a slot as a mouth that can pull out moistened impregnated blotters one of the fragrances. and toilets - or is it a speakeasy - is entirely black, with the exception of graffiti inscribed on walls that are revealed in ultraviolet light. We are offered the opportunity to do a boomerang selfie in this places and send it to you directly by email. For the extreme addicts of the selfie ...

The shop is obviously endowed with a perfume bar where we also serve you the best rare coffees of the whole district. Almost a space for barista of perfume. The little shop embodies the brand's core values, this offbeat humour, this rock spirit, combined with extreme sophistication. Romano Ricci takes the perfume very seriously, his job is a fairly subtle art form, a passion, even if the shop expresses its sense of the game is not serious.

The great-grandson of Nina Ricci wanted to find her own way, to make her place in the world of perfume, even if it is part of a magnificent line. Romano Ricci trained in perfumery for more than four years, following a classical training, before starting to collaborate with the famous perfumer Francis Kurkdijan. His juices are classic, but with a twist.

The most unexpected element, which is found throughout the range, is a form of romanticism, deeply rooted in each opus. His fragrances are sexy disruptive, seductive and totally liberating, but with a good dose of love in the heart. His scents are like a French seducer: the one who will slowly seduce you, undress you, take off slowly the layer of your clothes ... Romano Ricci, in a sense, is the Serge Gainsbourg of perfumery. Moreover, on his website, we see the words of the singer:

Beauty is the most beautiful revenge of women

The majority of the collection have been created for women, (but of course can be worn by whoever wants to). There is a back story for each perfume which is the way Romano goes about creating a scent; find the back story, the rock and roll mischievous story and then create the scent. If the story fits, it’s likely the scent will, but beneath the bottom line of the ingredients you will find his personality bleeding from each and every bottle; the seducer in him…yet balanced with truly wearable perfumes, they are not exotic concepts but sexy , modern, wearable very special fragrances. He even talks of the bottles exposing the type of woman he is attracted to saying also that the luxury collection he goes even further and givers even more of himself away in the creation process. ...

The perfumes

With Moscow Mule, "Get ready to party"

Olfactory family: Floral Citrus.
A fragrance inspired by the cocktail, but not literally: it sparkles, it is fresh with ginger and lime. A festive fragrance for hot summer (or winter) nights with hints of white flowers and hedione (a substance that has certain properties close to female sex hormones). The scent of a rebellious girl.
Top notes: lime, bergamot, ginger.
Heart notes: jasmine, apple essence.
Background notes: ambroxan, norlimbanol, ambrettolide.

Citizen Queen, "Catch Me If You Can"

Olfactory family: Floral Aldehydé.
A mysterious and addictive fragrance, at the crossroads of modern and classic fragrances.
Top notes: leather chords, bergamot, aldehydes.
Heart notes: iris, orange blossom, tuberose.
Background notes: vanilla, ambroxan, labdanum.

Lady Vengeance, "The fragrance of a lady"

Olfactory family: Floral Chypré.
A rich and sophisticated fragrance. The expression of femininity, confident and sensual. The perfume of a woman for whom the art of seduction has no secret.
Top notes: bergamot, lavender.
Heart notes: patchouli, pink.
Background notes: ambroxan.

Anyway, "A signature perfume "

Olfactory family: Floral Citrus.
A simple and original formula: just fifteen ingredients, the essential. A blend of musks, wood and citrus notes that combines feminine and masculine.
Top notes: neroli, lime.
Heart notes: hedione, absolute of jasmine.
Background notes: ambroxan.

Metal Chypré, "The perfume of copper ".

Olfactory family: Wooded.
This composition is the bold remix of a classical chord: a modern interpretation of a cyprus.
Top notes: bergamot, pink pepper.
Heart notes: patchouli, suede, amber, iris.
Base note: ambroxan, tonka bean, white musk.

White Spirit, "When the fire meets the ice"

Olfactory family: Floral Woody
At the heart of this electric accord, a floral bouquet composed of jasmine sambac and absolute tuberose. Behind their rising stars, are their true colors - sensual, poisonous, addictive. Sandalwood, ambrocenid, and ambroxan take turns in the dance. A dry woody trio, suddenly bringing the white floral accord to the challenge of modernity.
Top notes: jasmine sambac, tuberose.
Heart notes: ambroxan, tuberose.
Background notes: amber, cedar, musk and sandalwood.

Moon Dance, "A flower of the night"

Olfactory family: Floral Cyprus.
Moon Dance plays with opposites, woods and tuberose, bringing them together to create a unique fragrance. Some notes of bergamot, rose and violet on a bed of patchouli: it is the sun that responds to the moon.
Top notes: bergamot.
Heart notes: tuberose, pink, violet.
Background notes: patchouli.

Liquid Illusion (to be launched in September 2018)

A blue bottle, energetic and vibrant, houses a perfume inspired by an artificial paradise. The story began when Romano Ricci discovered that heliotropin (a synthetic ingredient that recreates the scent of the heliotrope flower - from the aldehyde family), whose odor reminded him of almonds, with notes violet, was actually used in the manufacture of ecstasy (MDMA). To use it, he had to provide information on the use of this product to the supplier.

It is a heady composition of flowers and amber. It all starts with the almond notes of heliotropine, an iris heart and its tuberose absolute, plus an absolute base of Tonka bean, benzoin, dry amber chords and chords. musk.

This scent is both rich and creamy, with something totally addictive. Amber brings a subtle note of hazelnut while the iris gives this powdery side. This scent literally engulfs you in a sweet fragrant cloud.