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A named blush orgasm

November 15 2017

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In 1999 François Nars launched a pink-peach-apricot blush that imitated the color of the cheeks after love. He christened it orgasm. A best seller: every day the equivalent of two tons flows. A blush to keep in his bag for a fresh breath. The pleasure is not guaranteed. - Isabelle Cerboneschi


when he launches his first line of twelve lipsticks at Barneys in New York in 1994, François Nars does not intend to create yet another makeup collection. He wants to enter the intimacy of women break-in, with products that reveal them. His color ranges must change something in their daily lives. And for that he works with pigments and particular textures and summons the vocabulary of love, sex rather, to baptize his colors: Sex Machine, Bad Education (bad education) or Deep Throat (Deep Throat).

In 1999 François Nars launches the blush orgasm, a peach-pink hue with golden and iridescent splashes that mimic the color of the cheeks after love. It's sweet, it's fresh, it's smart, it's light, it looks good, it's natural, everything we love. The make-up artist first began to create the name, then the color: he wanted it shocking. That people do not forget this name: it is easy to forget the number of a nail polish, however, we will always remember a named blush Orgasm.

For 2017, the family is growing with a liquid blush and a lipstick, but this is the original compact blush I prefer.

How many orgasmic blushes sold since launch? The brand does not want to answer this question but it seems that in 2016, the number of cases sold would have made 32 times around the world. Every day two tons of blush flow orgasm and every hour the number of pieces sold equals twice the height of the Statue of Liberty. I let you do the math ...

François Nars never thought that this face would be so successful. "When I look back, I think it's the combination of his daring name and his universally flattering color that made him so famous," he said. Even grandmothers like Orgasm. "

* Read: François Nars, Rizzoli International Publication INC, 2016.

"When I look back, I think it's the combination of his daring name and his universally flattering color that made him so famous. Even grandmothers like Orgasm. " - François Nars

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