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In the blue of the sky ...

18th June 2018

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After the eau de toilette and eau de parfum, Chanel launches the Bleu perfume, for men. A fragrance whose intensity has inspired a whole story to photographers and stylists Didier Cometti and Angelo Buonomo. Model: Sébastien François @ M Management. Model Manager: William Hamilton Donsante @ M Management. With the words of: Isabelle Cerboneschi. Photographs: Buonomo & Cometti.

"I wake up sweaty. What time is it? Five o'clock in the morning. It is so hot. The sheets stick to my body. I need to feel the fresh air of dawn grazing my skin. I feel alive like never before.

Beside me, she inhales and expires slowly, from that calm breath of sleepers who have sweet dreams. To get up without waking her. The air is dense, filled with the dust of a city; one that lack water. I miss water too. I swallow a glass of iced liquid out of the fridge. She thinks the cold, on waking, hurts my body, but she sleeps.

A shower, quickly. Wash the memories of the night, even if they are beautiful. A first night is not necessarily the prelude to a wonderful tomorrow, but ours will be, I know it. How many tomorrows? Whatever…

I suddenly need air. A few drops of Bleu, perfume, behind the ear and in the hollow of the throat. I like to smell the scent of lavender, cedarwood and sandalwood when I breathe. To imagine myself in a forest, to feel the power of trees raised up to the sky, to feel the pulse of the earth under my feet. She offered it to me. She understood better than the others my vital need for space, of freedom unsupervised. A few drops are enough.

I get dressed, I take the keys of my Prius, and I go out. Direction South by the National seven. It's called the Blue Road ... It does not surprise me.

She wakes up, stretches like a cat, throws the sheets away from her tiptoe. She would like to stay still, her head on the pillow, a soft cloud that rocks her thoughts. She keeps her eyes closed. Smiles. Reach out for another skin than his, but only brush the sheets and a piece of paper on which is written: "I went down to the sea. Need to bathe in the blue of the sky. Villa La Pausa. Meet me?… "