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Projector's blow on: The Breguet Classic Watch Perpetual Calendar Online 7715

November 15 2017


For the 2017 edition of the Only Watch charity event, Breguet offers a unique perpetual calendar, inspired by a pre-existing model. A non-ostentatious piece of silent beauty. Against a current. - Isabelle Cerboneschi


When we sweep the watch without stopping, what we do in life when we see a wrist decorated with a timepiece, we do not immediately realize that it is a perpetual calendar. It's wanted elsewhere. This watch is a sophisticated trompe-l'oeil that prefers to hide its qualities rather than boast those it does not have. It is in reverse of a time too talkative. That's why I like it.

The dates on the market usually have more meters, the displays fill any space. The one that Breguet auctioned the November 11 at the 2017 edition of Only Watch, the charity event for the Monegasque Association against Myopathies, is purified to the extreme, with indications reported on the 12h-6h axis. The day of the week reads 12h, the hours and minutes and the month indication in the center, and the common year and leap year with an indication of the date at 6h.

It has of course all the codes of the house: the famous needles Breguet recessed apple blued steel, the hour clock in Roman numerals, the dial in silver gold adorned with a pattern of Paris nails guilloché by hand, the secret signature. This 39mm diameter watch, inspired by a model that was in the catalog, has a traditional face but what it has in the engine is not: it is equipped with the caliber 502 extra-flat self-winding with sound spiral made of silicon, just like the horns of the anchor escapement.

The famous caliber had been redesigned at the beginning of the 2000 years and its frequency had gone from 2,5 hertz to 3 hertz (generally the extra-flat movements have a lower frequency). The eccentric oscillating weight, the bridges, the plates, are engraved by hand and have a scroll pattern.

This watch, a unique piece, is a selfish pleasure, like a hidden treasure that one would carry on oneself, just for oneself. A non-ostentatious piece that will not spread out from all angles on social networks but which displays the date (the date), perpetually, in a polite silence. The price of this silence? It was sold to 110'000.- CHF