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How to define the perfume that best suits us, which would be like an attribute, a virtual extension of oneself? The Christian Dior house offers us to live a unique sensory experience, an olfactory journey at the heart of the perfume collection, in search of a fragrance that resembles us. Story of a scented quest. - Megan Convers.

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We talk about sensory expertise for chocolate and oenology for wine. What about the world of perfume? Head to the Maison Christian Dior corner at Globus in Geneva.

Everything starts here. Clémence, head of the perfume division Christian Dior at Globus welcomes us in this delicate environment, as in a bubble out of time. The gray Dior armchairs and the refined decoration recall the pastel colors and values ​​of Christian Dior.

As a starting point, an inventory of fixtures is needed on the house, its heritage, and the nature of the products. Who creates these formulas? Where do these perfumes come from? Recipes, or rather formulas, are the sine qua non of the final product. François Demachy, the perfumer-designer embodies the Dior signature for more than 10 years: quality fragrances, unique and timeless.

It is in Grasse, his homeland and cradle of the French perfume that he composes and creates the emblematic perfumes of the house, from the flower to the bottle. François Demachy grew up there, it is natural that he lives there today, and works in the laboratory of Christian Dior: The Perfumed Fountains. A veritable pole of creation, the bastide is now the home of the perfumer-creator, where he draws his inspiration every day and continues the legacy of Christian Dior.

The second stage of the experience, the most personal too, is about learning and self-expression, to define one's own sensory environment. Clemence plays her role perfectly. It highlights olfactory childhood memories and draws little by little like a robot portrait. What is my connection with perfume? What are my taste and smell sensitivities? What is my perfume routine? Immediately, words appear: lightness, neutrality, character, harmony ...

And memories: the intense fragrance of the fur of my grandmother embracing me. This sensory memory and smell that "cocotte" are my childhood perfume. My vision is clear: I need a fragrance with little intensity, dynamic and balanced.

Clémence selects three fragrances. Each one has its own characteristic: one is intense, another slightly acidic and the last more floral. The perception of smells and memories clash. How to describe a perfume? We talk about aromas, spicy, spicy, intense, balanced, floral, fruity notes...

Clémence helps me to identify the composition of each product. Thanks to the coffee beans, I can switch from one aromatic profile to another. A fragrance resonates like an obvious, a sparkling smell that "sticks to the skin" is this one and not another: Gray Dior. A perfect marriage between personality and balance of aromatic notes. I like this combination of flowers in all lightness and this grain of character.

François Demachy's intention for this perfume? "What if gray Dior was a perfume? This deep gray that is not a simple mixture of black and white, but the fruit of a chromatic assembly. This profusion of colors inspired me a composition that mixes jasmine, bergamot and notes of wet undergrowth. The color is here iconic fragrance. Lively, its wake has a racy elegance, faceted. "

The last stage of this journey into the land of scents and my own memories, ends with the discovery of the colour and the bottle of the fragrance. It's time to let Clemence carefully pack my perfume, this future ally of all my days ...

* Christian Dior House, Globus, Geneva.

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