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The four colours of the start of school

18 September 2018

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Clarins has launched a retro make-up tool that recalls the four-colour pens of our childhood. In a single gesture, one used for the eyes, and then something for the mouth. Beauty has never been so simple. Something to keep in our bag, always. - Isabelle Cerboneschi.

I remember the day when I was accompanied to the stationers to buy new notebooks that I opened it and sniffed. This smell of clean paper, not yet damaged by ink stains, erasures, unwanted scrubs, writings by the teacher in red in the margins, rather nice indeed, reassured me. At school, when we worked well, we had good grades, when we did not work, we had bad grades. It was simple as a system. Binary. These emotions, saved for the end of the class ...

I remember buying the new schoolbag, leather, with buckles and straps, heavy, so heavy for a child's back. This same schoolbag would be a few days later stuffed with books and notebooks, and kits, too heavy, which would generate back problems. But at the time, it would not have occurred to anyone to criticise school institutions for this.

I remember my box of Caran d'Ache crayons that smelled of cedar. All these wonderful hues of the rainbow - the promise of imaginary worlds to be created on Canson paper - were lined up in an iron box. I loved to chew on my pencils, cracking between my teeth the small capsule of paint placed at its end, to access the softer wood.

I remember buying pens: you had to have blues, blacks, greens and reds. And when I was lucky, I received the magic pen that combined all these hues. It was enough to press the colour and presto, it appeared.

These are all memories that came to my mind when I discovered the Stylo 4 Couleurs Clarins: three colours for the eyes, and a colour for the mouth. A clever trick to keep all the time in one bag. It exists in two versions, a red lip or flesh lip. A little taste of the start of the school year ...