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The beauty of the present moment

April 4th 2018

The customised cosmetic treatments were born in the beauty institutes and in the pharmacies of aesthetic doctors, reserved for a privileged clientele. In recent years, niche and luxury brands have tackled this market. The latest is Dior. - Isabelle Cerboneschi. Photo and Style: Buonomo et Cometti.

Before, skin was classified into four categories: dry, oily, mixed, sensitive. And a woman, caring for herself, spent her life buying dry, oily, mixed, or sensitive skin care, depending on the initial prognosis. But that was before.

Dermatological studies have since proven that the epidermis reacts to the environment, health, stress, pollution, magnetic waves, seasons. In short. That the skin is alive and she has her moods.

Some institutes and aesthetic doctors have had before us the world of ideas of ​​developing "customised" care, depending on the state of the skin at a certain time (we will come back to it). These haute couture treatments were reserved for a privileged clientele because of their high price. Then the cosmetics brands understood the desire of today's women, who want to take into account their uniqueness and their real needs. Needs that change according to the circumstances. Last to date to have made the step: Dior with their line Capture Youth.

The goal? Always the same: preserve the youth capital of the skin. How? Thanks to an antioxidant base cream "that helps to delay the visible signs of aging" and 5 additional serums to add according to its needs. The Glow Booster, serum glow with vitamin C and AHA, the Plump Filler, the plumping serum with hyaluronic acid molecules, the Matte Maximizer, lactic acid matifying serum, pink clay and zinc gluconate, Lift Sculptor, the lifting serum based on polyphenol mixtures derived from green and white tea, and the Redness Soother, soothing anti-redness serum, with cotton peptides. A care that is clearly aimed at Millennials, with Cara Delevigne as the face.

I do not know if Dior's marketing team read The power of the present moment byEckhart Tollebut their slogan seems to be an extrapolation of his thought: Yesterday is over, tomorrow is too late, the time is now. Yesterday is outdated, tomorrow is too late, to act now.