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The lunar poetry of Frédérique Constant

January 9 2018

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The Geneva manufacture has launched a moon phase for women with a house movement, with a poetic dial and the moon at 12 hours which invites to let his thoughts get lost in the stars. - Isabelle Cerboneschi.


Observatory of Nice. What a wonderful place to present a moon phase watch for woman, the lost look in the rings of Saturn.

It was summer, the sky was beautiful and clear, the observatory, founded in 1881 and built by Charles Garnier, with its mobile dome designed by Gustave Eiffel made you want to know everything about galaxies, different notions of time, the race of the planets ... Its telescope of 18 meters long has discovered thousands of new double stars. A magical place for all those who like to let their eyes get lost in the cosmos, as does Aletta Stas, the co-founder of the Frédérique Constant brand.

Stars precisely, it was a question with the watch Slimline Moonphase Stars Manufacture, a moon phase with a Frederique Constant house movement. The Geneva manufacture has the elegance to develop house movements (24 calibres to its credit), to animate watches sold at affordable prices. This is a wise positioning at a time when we can still observe all the excesses, despite a downturn.

Too often women's watches are men's watches on which the creative workshops have chosen to add diamonds on the bezel and a mother-of-pearl dial. But not this one. "We have men's moonphase watches but my wife wanted to create a women's version. She had the idea to put the moon phase to 12h. This forced us to create a movement and a specific watch. The Slimline Moonphase Manufacture Stars features the new FC-701 automatic manufacture movement, featuring a beaded finish and Côtes de Genève décor, visible through the transparent back.

"We presented this piece in November 2016 to our distributors, but they were not very interested. Nevertheless, we still decided to produce two versions of 500 each (a steel version with a black dial and a rose gold plated dial with blue dial, note). But at Baselworld, in March 2017, orders exploded and we found ourselves in a paradoxical situation: how to produce more? Says Peter Stas. The co-founder of the brand plans to manufacture several thousand Stars and a limited edition version in the near future.

Positioning a moon phase at 12 hours is unusual. "To look at the moon you have to look up, not down," says Aletta Stas. Unruffled logic. "I've always been drawn to the sky, the stars, when the mind starts to fly and we forget time. Watching the stars appeases me. I said to myself: why not create a dial with the sky, the stars and a function, like the moon phase? At noon, because if it is positioned at 6 hours, it loses some of its mystique in favor of the logo. I wanted a dial that is a support for dreams, and that helps us forget time. What is paradoxical since the watch is done just to remind you. "

The moon phase of Frederique Constant is a watch where several times meet: the present time, the time of the dream, the symbolic time, the lunar time. A watch for a woman connected to the Earth and the Moon. "Looking at this watch my mind wanders in the stars. Besides, I can not conceive the time in terms of light year, says Aletta Stas. Look at a star and tell yourself that maybe she's already dead, by the time the light has come to us, it's dizzying! "