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There are moments that we want to share: stories like slices of life, the meeting with an artist, the backstage of a photo shoot, a visit to the house of a great couturier, the discovery of a city for a weekend, a place, a mystery, a getaway, a distant or nearby travel destination, a selection of books to read absolutely, a secret address that we will have loved, a taste for strangeness, a music that upsets us, a freeze frame, looks, games of hands and words, a drawing that goes around a reality in a few strokes, a wine capable of bringing back the memory of 'a forgotten moment, a singular trajectory ... We have so many stories to tell.

The beauty that remains...

What remains when one has lost everything, that one has had to leave one's country, one's ties, one's possessions? It remains strictly necessary for survival and sometimes an object, such as a hyphen with the [...]

A fold to infinity

Exercise of style around Gilles Deleuze and some buildings with curves and inflection points of beauty, discovered around the world. NB: this article is obviously a [...]

Under the skirts of Paris

Maxime Hibon is a "self-educated photographer" lover of his city: Paris. He photographed it at the place, upside down, in small bits, when she reflected herself in a puddle like a motionless narcissus. A few days away from the fashion week, where visitors will surge around the world without even looking up at the beauties of the city, it reveals its Paris indiscreet. – Isabelle Cerboneschi. Photos: Maxime Hibon.