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The Emile briefcase is made on the model of old postmen's bags.

His name is Émile and we can count on him. For life. Émile is a schoolbag inspired by the old saddlebags of French postal workers. It is manufactured in a century-old factory of 11e district of Paris where one still makes harnesses and bags of leather. Indestructible stuff. Like Emile ... - Isabelle Cerboneschi

Martin Meunier, the founder of the Valet de Pique brand

Emile was born in the spirit of Martin Meunier, while he had just finished his engineering studies. Conscious that we consume too many perishable products, he launched his own way in a crusade against fast fashion and all these objects that do not repair themselves. It would be David against Goliath if he was alone in this kind of battle.

"The father of a friend introduced me to the owners of an old factory in the heart of the 11e district of Paris, which manufactures toolboxes, harnesses and nail pockets for construction workers. It's a beautiful family home, over XNUMX years old, with machines that are the same age and I thought there was something to create while inspiring me with their story. The manufactory used to manufacture saddlebags for electricians and postal workers. "Says Martin Meunier

"My goal was to replace bags that last only a year or two, with a bag that lasts a lifetime," he says. Just like a teddy bear, good wine, sneakers, cheese, Georges Clooney, said some things improve with age. Its hard to fault him. The patina is a luxury, the mark of time that passes and the traces of experience.

The leather used for school bags is thick, sturdy, and made to last a lifetime. Émile is inspired by the old saddlebags of postmen but adapted to our time, with easier openings, a pocket for a computer slightly elevated to avoid electric shocks. Martin Meunier works with the manufactures leathers from southern Italy. "I would like to work with French raw materials, but when you're a little actor and you start, it's very difficult"

The name of the brand is a play on words that refers directly to the craft. "In the field of saddlery, a valet is a clamp that holds the leather to free up the hands that sew and perforate the material. From where Valet de Pique.

Martin Meunier has raised more than 10 euros so far and has pre-sold almost fifty bags. "It's great and unexpected thanks to friends, family and social networks. »The price of the bag: 000 francs (272 euros) until 240th June. I already ordered mine ...

Orders on: https://fr.ulule.com/valetdepiqueparis/

Details of the schoolbag Emile in Honey colour

All cases can be personalised with an engraving on the flap.

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  • Roman

    Thank you Isabelle Cerboneschi and Martin Menier for this article. French craftsmanship is an incubator of excellence Made in France and this great initiative deserves to be highlighted.

    Look forward to receiving my "Emile" and long life to Jack of Spades!

    • Editor

      Indeed, it is an initiative that deserves to be highlighted. The know-how is precious. I'm also waiting for my Emile ...

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