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Santa's time

December 21 2017

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And if Santa Claus offered a watch to better plan the distribution of his gifts around the world, the evening of 24 December, which room would he choose among existing timepieces? - Vincent Daveau.


In this brief history of the time we contribute to writing on a daily basis, the specialized authors have thought of a whole lot of things, sometimes even incongruous, but none have questioned the nature of the watch that Santa Claus would wear. he had to put one on his wrist during his annual distribution of gifts.

Without demystifying the imaginary character that is Santa Claus, we all know that his appearance today is partly the fruit of the communication of a well-known soda company which, in 1931, contributed by its commercials to freeze aesthetic also pre-existing in Anglo-Saxon countries since at least the mid-nineteenth century. This globe-trotter, colorful, bearded, and known for his debonair nature, is one of those floating populations whose home or nationality is not really known. If everyone is interested in his speculations, one remembers this old man dressed all in red and at the certain posh, that he lives in the hostile and snow-covered countries of the polar circle, between Gesunda (for the Swedes) and the North Magnetic Pole. (for Americans). And, if we know of him that he has a sledge pulled by reindeer whose number is variable, we guess that with this hero of our childhood, everything is speculation. And, as such, nothing forbids to imagine that, under the thick sleeves of his red coat lined with fur, hides a quality watch. It remains to be seen which ...

Of all the possibilities, only a model dedicated to frequent travelers makes sense, and between all those available, only one instrument with the best is possible: namely the universal time, to know everything that it is at each point of the world. Among the watches adorned with this complication, the latest 5930 Patek Philippe - in other words the famous chronograph Universal Hour - could be part of its range.

This character with magnetic celebrity could also retain an edition as the new 5230 Patek Philippe whose choice of cities references, reported on the rotating disc, has been revised. He could also set his sights on the magnificent and very classic Breguet 5727 Hora Mundi or the timeless Master Geographic from the Jaeger-LeCoultre Manufacture. The ease of use could interest him, he who knows to have a lot to do in the evening of 24 December. Undoubtedly, the easy adjustment of the hour, according to the reference metropolis, will seduce him.

We also guess the charming traveler have a taste for bright colors. He could be tempted to indulge in a few fantasies in private and take an interest in Louis Vuitton's Escale World Time Blue watch. The piece, easy to handle and beautiful bill also offers interesting features for a traveler, a most pleasant aesthetic. Its hand-painted dial of colors and patterns inspired by the colorful monograms affixed to the luggage in order to allow the customers of the House to find them more easily at the descent of the large transatlantic, releases something very fashion that should attract the attention of this character whose dress has not changed for nearly two centuries.

However, in terms of color, he can also look at the Montblanc Orbis Terrarum watch. This colorful creation with its planisphere indicating the regions of the world lit and those in the night, associated with its easy setting of the reference time to the dial according to the chosen city, was able to convince the purists at the time of its launch. Indeed, its price, ultra competitive in terms of its complexity of implementation, has been appreciated by frequent travelers having the need to have such a tool without necessarily having infinite means. In the case of Santa Claus, the choice of this piece is possible because we can imagine the character able to live with the bare necessities in the depths of the Arctic Circle.

This intermittent show, with a stamp of one night per year, is also an emeritus pilot flying sled towed by reindeer. As such, this hero and workaholic could be tempted by versions for aviators and endowed, for two of them, the complication of universal hours. Of course, we think of the powerful IWC Timezoner Chronograph Pilot's Watch, or the Breitling Breitling Breitling Breitling Chronograph which remains, of all these types of timepieces, the one most suitable for pilots of all types of aircraft.

Whatever the choice of Santa Claus may be, all these time measuring instruments will be perfectly adapted to his job and his function. All are waterproof enough to withstand harsh winter conditions. Only scratches on the housing can be caused by too strong descents in chimneys badly cleaned ...