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The fragrance, like a family story

21 August 2018

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After creating fragrances for major brands or niche perfume houses, perfumer Michel Almairac decided to launch his own line - Parle Moi de Parfum - by gathering all his family around him. - Jo Phillips, Paris.

When your father is a genius in his field, the idea of ​​following his trail can be daunting. This is neither the case of Benjamin Almairac, nor of his brother Romain, who chose to work together with their mother Elisabeth, and to create in 2016 a laboratory-case to highlight the wonderful olfactory creations of their father Michel Almairac. The perfume is a family addiction and the brand they created is called " Parle Moi de Parfum ».

Michel Almeirac grew up in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, where he was trained as a perfumer at a time when this craft was not yet considered an art. After a lifetime of service to brands (we owe him a great debt for many perfumes created for the likes of Gucci, L'Artisan Parfumeur, Bottega Veneta, La Labo, Rochas, Jimmy Choo, ...) he decided it was time to start his own line. "Because a life spent searching, imagining and composing for others makes you want to create for one moment in your own dreams and to share, with your children first, then others afterwards. "

What is remarkable in the first place, in his collection, is the purity, the clarity that one feels behind each perfume. There are no frills: we go straight to the heart of the fragrance. The perfumer uses short formulas, which means that the ingredients are kept to a minimum. This allows you to live a succinct experience when you breathe each fragrance. It's a bit like having a clear head on a hot summer day.

The collection consists of ten fragrances, including a new one to be released soon: Papyrus Oud. Let's start with a Tonne de Roses / 8 which is like a journey to the very heart of the rose, its absolute sweetness, with a little green note that pierces the formula like a thorn. A treat for lovers of roses. Guimauve de Noël / 31 is aptly named because there are vanilla and orange. Flavia Vanilla / 82 is a treat where the sweetness of vanilla is compensated by the woods, which give it a sexier side. Chypre Mojo / 45 is a superbly modern version of a classic perfume - the Chypre - with notes of bergamot, carnation, mango and patchouli, but without the expected oak moss. This does not detract from its wonderful dryness.

Totally White / 126 is an ode to flowers, especially those in Parc Monceau in Paris: lilacs, syringes, hawthorns and wisteria, with an undeniable hint of fresh green that persists. It is the perfume of flowers that grow in the earth, and not flowers that have been cut and put in a vase. Milky Musk / 39 as its name suggests, is a coming together of milk and musk, rich and creamy, which gives it a dark look. Tomboy Neroli / 65 is a pungent and delicious feminine scent, to which amber has been added for the masculine touch. This perfume is a tomboy. Woody Perfecto / 107 is a glam rock perfume with notes of coffee, leather, wood, all dipped in vetiver. Orris Tattoo / 29 is an incomparable iris, powdery and green, which seems to have been wrapped in a suede blanket. It is so beautiful that we would like to tattoo it onto our skin. And finally, Cedar Woodpecker / 10, a more masculine fragrance around cedar wood sprinkled with hints of spice.

So what are the numbers at the end of the names of each perfume? This is the number of formulas that were needed to achieve balance. It goes from 8 to 126. You can discover these perfumes in the boutique-laboratory located in the Marais district in Paris. When you are a lover of fragrances, Parle moi de Parfum is the brand to discover, not only for its range of olfactory delights, but also because each fragrance has a story to tell.

Parle Moi de Parfum, 10 street of Sevigne, 75004, Paris.