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The promise of dawn

February 8 2018

The day rises, the last perfume of Louis Vuitton, carries in its name the promise of a renewal, a thinning in a world a little dark. It feels fresh in the morning, when nature awakens, to round off, later on, in a sweet animality. - Isabelle Cerboneschi.


his name is The sun rises. It's beautiful as a name for a perfume. Except that even before having felt it, we have requirements. He is expected to wake us up gently. Let him forget how much the abandonment in the arms of Morpheus, or whoever you want, is wonderfully good when you are not insomniac. We hope that it will not be too heavy, because our eyelids are still a little. We would like him to feel August morning in the country when dew scatters weeds. We would especially like to feel it, this day that gets up ...

"I dreamed of a scent that has the freshness of mandarin. It's a fresh and aromatic fragrance that has many facets, says master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, creator of perfumes Louis Vuitton. The one we used comes from Sicily and we had the oil made in Calabria. "

The perfumer details the other facets of the fragrance. There is blackcurrant, a very green note, "this is an agreement because blackcurrant extract is very unstable: after a few weeks, it smells like cat piss," he says. But it would be very improper to let the day rise in such emanations.

There is jasmine sambac, also in this bottle. "It does not have an animal smell like classic jasmine. It comes from China where it is used to flavor tea. Incense, too, but as if it had been washed down. "It's a heart of incense that comes from Oman. Pure incense, clean, not dark, without animal note. "

The sun rises to the freshness of the bouquets that have spent the night outside: a slightly green scent, not yet blooming in its floral sweetness. It rounds up little by little, over time, in contact with the skin. "I put a little musk too, but I did not say it," says the perfumer. This perfume, presented place Vendôme, in Paris, makes you want to tele-travel illico in the surrounding countryside and walk barefoot in the grass, feel all the power, all the life of the Earth under his feet. A desire that could have been programmed, by the way ...

"We are too connected virtually and not connected enough to Earth, Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud noted. Being able to use natural materials without limit, in a perfume, it is a gift. Everything that comes from nature and allows us to connect with it, gives us more energy and makes us feel better. "

We reconnect to the energy of the Earth. Does a perfume have this power? The perfumer has never moved away: nature is his home port. "When I arrive in Grasse, there are smells of citrus and mimosa that greet me. It's already a fragrance in itself. "

Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud would like to another message through this new album that was launched "when it was ready". "A perfume whose value is only 10% of the total price, it can not work anymore! What is fundamental is what is in the bottle! "And to create the day begins, he assures us that the question of the price of the raw materials used never arose.

The sun rises, what, by the way? "We are entering a new era that is simpler, more real. We all need a little light in this dark world, need to feel positive notes. Is not the purpose of a perfume to put us in a more pleasant state? If, of course, that if! Let him put us in a state that makes us want to walk, to dance even, in the morning dew, to feel the Earth pulsing under our feet and to hope that this new dawn is a promise of good days to come.