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Red eyes

November 15 2017

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After the red soles, the red nails, the mouths, red, Christian Louboutin raises the red a notch and invents the eye varnished red. For girls who do not have cold eyes. - Isabelle Cerboneschi


the beginning was the sole. Red. Like a libertine invitation, reminiscent of the Pompeii girls' shoes, recognizable by their vermilion soles.

But this iconic color deserved to illuminate something other than bitumen. In July 2014, Christian Louboutin created a range of makeup, starting with the fingertips, rather nails. Red varnishes, of course, but also mauve, nude, green, orange, burgundy, fuchsia, etc., matched with the colors of the shoes of the house. So chic!

Hands, Christian Louboutin landed on the mouth. A kiss of forbidden. Red color, and all others too.

Gently, he climbed the length of the body, becoming the medium of his imagination and this year, he underlines the look: mascara, pencil, eyebrow pencil, and above all, the eyeliner. Like a line of vinyl, black or red, it makes the look that kills. Bang!