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It's called the panther ...

November 15 2017

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Tanya Drouginska had several lives: she took drama lessons, was a model, worked in the decoration, became a model at an age when others would have dropped the case, before embarking on a singing career. She just participated in the 11e edition of the reality show Secret Story. A character out of time. - Isabelle Cerboneschi


He is called the Panther. Because of his claws? His rants? From her ageless feline appearance that seems to go through life like the jungle she is, ready to leap, bounce, hide, expose herself? A tame panther, if you put the forms. And elegance. And the courtesy.

Viewers who discovered her in the reality TV show Secret Story love it or hate it. Tanya Drouginska polarizes. She does not seek to be loved by everyone, far too aware of the impossibility of the task. Of its uselessness too.

For five weeks, she played in the dormer the role of an excessive character, who rallied to his chestnut plume many unknown. Time is his sworn enemy. In her head she is thirty. On his passport? Clearly more. But as she says so well, "age is only a number".

Model in the 1970 years, she returns there decades later, after having embraced a career in decoration. This time she officiates in the category "senior", a word she exerts. She prefers him: "timeless". Its long hair money allowed him to win beautiful roles in advertising campaigns or magazine shoots. But one day, she had enough of all this white and asked her hairdresser to return her colors before. So was done: she is now chestnut.

For four years Tanya Drouginska has embarked on a new adventure: singing. She just produced a Extented Play, a mini album without label of six titles baptized Resurrection, including the song The bride, composed by Eric Melville and written by Jean-Michel Berriat. His partner in the video directed by Tony Baillargeat with the chief operator Michel Amathieu is none other than the quadruple world champion Thai boxing Cyril Benzakeim, sorry for the little.

The word challenge often comes back in his mouth. Pronounced French. It's as if setting a challenge after another, and lifting them, Tanya Drouginska managed to slow down the inevitable race of time. "Tic-Tac .."

I. C: On your Facebook wall on this day, you wrote "Life is a saga that you have to have the courage to write to the end with the aim of the last completed volume to have written a bestseller. You're reinventing yourself by embarking on a singing career, but do you feel like you've already written a bestseller?
Tanya Drouginska: This sentence that I wrote about 6 years ago, summarizes well my life and this will that I have to always surpass myself against all odds. I am an eternal dissatisfied and whatever I can accomplish still, the time comes, I will not have the feeling to have written a bestseller, just the one to have been a good little soldier to build a woman's life out of the ordinary. I do not feel like reinventing myself through music, just trying to make a little girl dream come true. When I heard her sing, I dreamed of being Edith Piaf. We all have multiple talents and abilities, but not always the opportunity to develop them. In fact, through my two lives, I will have tried to be as accomplished as possible ...

The first sentence of a novel is important. What would be yours?
Your question evokes in me the beginning of the film Out of Africa when Meryl Streep aka Karen Blixen, begins her novel by: I had a farm in Africa... I might start mine by: Poor little Snow White...

You've had many lives: a model, a businesswoman, returning to modeling at a time when other women are going out of business. Then you started two years ago to embrace a singing career. What is your engine?
My musical project has sprung 4 years ago, but has indeed begun to really turn that there is 2 years. Above all, it is my paternal genes that have allowed me to be a fighter. When I was young, I decided that I would have my financial independence, which in due time set the bar high enough since I was lucky to never miss anything as a child and a teenager. Without being a feminist, I had the desire to show that a woman can be the equal of a man, sometimes even higher, on a professional level. I managed to demonstrate it in my commercial career in furniture and decoration, then very macho environment, and it was finally paid to me. The driving force behind my second life is wanting to turn this unexpected event into a victory and to build something perhaps even more spectacular.

Is there anything in your personal story that could explain your ability to make your life an eternal start?
As I said, we all have different skills and talents. I have an innate taste for certain challenges, the desire to explore and develop some of my skills. For me, living is that! And it is also the secret of my timelessness: a way of repelling this old age that horrifies me since childhood, and that a certain mediocre journalist of the Parisian *, wants to force me to integrate, without even worrying about this that I am really, a woman full of energy who is lucky to be in good health to be able to continue to exist until the end ...

On Facebook you sometimes mention this father who seems to have raised you with a lot of tenderness. What did he leave you?
My father was of the lion's sign and really embodied this noble and courageous animal. I would not say that he raised me with much tenderness because he was not often there, being very busy with his professional activities. But he was a very good father, protector, giving me the necessary and a share of superfluous. Being two strong personalities, our relationship was passionate with sometimes clashes. It is from him that I hold my image of the man, modeled on the characters of the American movies of the 1950 years. Needless to say, it did not help me succeed in my love life, which is why I bet on my careers. He left me his fighting spirit, his strength of character, his love of passing.

What are the origins of your name?
My paternal grandparents came from Russia in 1905 during the first revolution that was repressed. My grandfather was a master cabinetmaker and he set up his studio Faubourg St-Antoine, the cradle of furniture.

Where do you feel rooted?
I have Slavic soul, I feel citizen of the world.

You have just participated in the show Secret Story. I admit that I did not imagine you in that role. How were you spotted?
I would never have thought about participating in a reality show and saw the accelerator I needed to move my musical project forward. The production, which was looking for an atypical personality able to widen their panel of spectators, knew me already by my career of model and approached me.

And how did they convince you to participate?
I of course took the time to think, weighing the pros and cons. Living in community was a real challenge for me, but the production gave me the assurance of being able to sing The bride on the first following my exit. I must emphasize that during the interviews, the production team had inspired me with great confidence. I felt their desire for success, while respecting as much as possible the human factor and I was not disappointed.

I do not have TV, but I have seen excerpts on your Facebook page. You play a role. How is all this scripted?
There is of course a common thread, missions that we must accomplish with role plays, but we keep our share of freedom. I was aware that I was there to give the show, ensure the ratings, so I sometimes forced a bit, considering this adventure as that of an actress in a movie.

What difficulty did you encounter during the 5 weeks that lasted your presence on the show and this life in a vacuum?
I had never experienced community life, but I was lucky that the other candidates overall respected and even embraced me. I of course suffered from promiscuity, lack of comfort. By cons I did not feel uncomfortable with the confinement. Of course, I had been psychologically prepared the previous month, because I had to make an honorable course. Throughout the adventure I have never lost sight of my goal, to highlight my musical project.

What will you keep from this experience?
On a human level the experience was interesting to live. I discovered that my adaptation mechanisms were implemented very quickly, that my will remained flawless. I think I managed this challenge which for me was far from obvious at the base.

The public plebiscites you while you are an atypical character in this kind of emission. How do you explain this interest, this attachment?
There is a large part of the public who plebiscite me, precisely because I am atypical. Many people told me that I had raised the level of the show, some of them have stopped following the show. It must also be known that I have been the subject of very violent attacks on social networks, a certain part of the population reproached me for not having 20 years and being able to exist ... So j have received the best and the worst. I try to keep only the best and especially I will not change anything.

Your outspokenness is legendary, but take your machine to F.ck towards a candidate it was daring!
I was there to give a show! The production was fond of my excesses and fantasy access. In life, under my very BCBG outdoors that correspond to an aspect of my personality, I also like provocation in a way that is sometimes very unexpected and I assume.

I followed the birth of your album and your first clip The bride that you had remodeled to put it together differently. At launch, you had reached 30'000 views on Youtube and that was already a lot. You are more than 371'000 and the number is increasing every day. Secret Story was for you a wonderful platform.
Indeed for now, the positive balance of my participation in Secret Story - apart from my performance of The bride on the first is that it has boosted the connections on my clip, which is very important to be able to be signed by a label, without which I can not go much further.

You have chosen to work with greats: the video was made by Tony Baillargeat assisted by Michel Amathieu, the composer of the title is Eric Melville and the lyrics are from Jean-Michel Berriat, you are dressed by Jean Paul Gaultier as for your sparring partner in the clip, it's Thai boxing world champion Cyril Benzaquen ...
Wanting to make a career as a singer at this stage of my life is certainly my most daring challenge and I could only claim to succeed by surrounding myself with real professionals. I would also like to clarify that my project is not limited to my title The bride but that there is an EP (Extended Play, a musical format longer than a single and shorter than an album, note) of 6 songs title revealing Resurrection which is on download on all legal platforms and for which the illustrious Boris Bergman has done me the honor to write me three texts.

You have taken classes at Cours Simon. What is left of it?
Taking acting classes when I was in my twenties allowed me to extrovert myself, get rid of my shyness and help me in my commercial career. As the years pass, it is the experience of life that is our best theater class.

On your Instagram account, you sometimes post pictures of yourself younger. On one of them you look like Monica Vitti. The cinema has never called you?
Alas, since I resumed my modeling career, perhaps because for the filmmakers I am a frozen image, I have not made any interesting proposals. I hope that through the song can also make a career as an actress with real roles because my personality is very rich and I have the potential.

I saw you in a swimsuit this summer on Facebook and you have a body that many women can envy you. What is your secret?
A deep desire to push old age pushed me to exercise regularly and to have a food hygiene, especially by not eating meat, but without ever dieting. I take a lot of vitamins and trace elements.

You did modeling in the 1970 years, and then you came back a few years ago. How do you explain this craze of the market for the image of a timeless woman, while paradoxically, in the workplace, a woman of 50 years is considered as fucked?
This is a marketing phenomenon, as the purchasing power is held by people above 40 years. Alas, it has drifted somewhat: advertising advocates more "aging" than timelessness.

In her head there was a tick it had to change bag, in his heart there was a tick knock it had to change timessays the chorus of the Bride. And if you were offered to change times, where would you put the cursor?
I never look back, I keep my past filigree, aware that I am what he made me, but my eyes are in the present and the future. However, I had the chance to live the first part of my life in a France where it was good to live and to have the means to enjoy it, but I do not have nostalgia, it is also the timelessness.

You could not live without ...?
If the light goes out, I'll go off very quickly ...

* The newspaper Le Parisien had announced his arrival on the reality show and had titled the article: "A grandma in" Secret Story! "