The power of the orchid


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Orchids have spirit and virtues if we believe the essences Living Tree Orchid. A few drops of Necklace of Beauty will not make you more beautiful, but they could do you good. It's like Bach flowers, you just have to believe it. - Isabelle Cerboneschi.

I discovered them deep in the pharmacy of Eaux-Vives, in Geneva, this wonderful place, full of benevolence, where all those who think that chemistry is not the only cure for their ills are found.

Hidden in a corner, a hundred or so flasks filled with orchid essence were wisely arranged on the shelves of an ancient wooden bookcase, waiting for a look at them.

They had for neighbors the famous Bach Flowers of which they are the honorable descendants. If the latter, invented in England in the 30 years by Dr. Bach, are known worldwide, the orchid essences, which were created in 1995, have not yet acquired the same reputation.

They carry names that sound like enchanted promises: Unicorn (the Unicorn) Serendipity (Serendipity) Necklace of Beauty (the beauty collar) or Laughing Butterflies (laughing butterflies). There are others whose name leaves no doubt about their properties: Love Beyond Love (Love beyond love), or Pushing Back the Night (Repel the night), very useful at a time when benevolence is by far not the most widespread virtue.

Made on the island of Gigha Scottish, they would have the virtue to act on the chakras and rebalance the energies. What's in the bottle? Chemically speaking: water and brandy. To which must be added the ethereal energy of the plant, its Chi, or, in other words, its bio-electrical qualities.

How does it work? No scientific study has come to corroborate the effects of these elixirs, it's a like homeopathy Bach flowers: we believe it, or not. But when you believe it, it is a whole and delicate world that is offered to you.

Living Tree Orchid Essence. . Eaux-Vives pharmacy, rue des Eaux-Vives 16, Geneva. Tel: 41 0 22 736 15 01.

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