How to prepare for the ski season by making an apple pie?

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There is snow on the peaks. Ski resorts are starting to open. The first snow does not wait. And if we put the muscle machine back on the road? - Isabelle Cerboneschi. Photos: © Stéphanie Page

You, I do not know, but I really need to be a good reason. The ski season that begins may well be one. And why not take the opportunity to prepare an apple pie? Reward effort by a homemade dessert, I'm for.

To begin, gather in your kitchen the following ingredients:

For the pie:

• An oven

• A pie dish

• Broken dough

• Two kilos of apples

• Two kilograms of sugar

For the exercises:

• A cookbook

• A broom

• A rolling pin

• A mop

Take care before to butter the pie pan. Peel some apples, cut them into small cubes before the session then put them in a jar by sprinkling them with lemon juice to prevent the fruits from turning black.

The session can begin. Nine unorthodox exercises, but rather effective.

Exercise No 1: Bust Heats

Standing in the kitchen, legs apart, your back straight, take the broom and go behind the head while holding it, hands spread. Rotate the bust, broom on the shoulders and head fixed, from right to left and from left to right. Keep the basin well should. Try to go further with each rotation. The movement must solicit only the sacro-lumbar hinge, the vertebrae and the dorsal. Do the 10 exercise both times on each side.

Exercise No 2: Abdominal

Before you start exercising, make sure your floor is sparkling clean.

Put yourself in the cat's position: hands, knees and feet firmly anchored in the ground. Put the broken dough on the ground in front of you: the further away it is, the harder the exercise will be. Catch the rolling pin in both your hands; the arms and knees are at 90 degrees. Push the roll forward, arms outstretched, to flatten the dough, while returning the belly button and squeezing the abdominals. Blow during the effort without releasing the belly button. Inhale in the low position and return by blowing by the strength of your abdominals. Get as low as you can, taking care not to smash your chin on the floor.

Make 3 series of 10 repetitions with a pose of one to two minutes between exercises.

To relax the back after the effort, do the pose of the child: on your knees, sit on your heels, knees apart. The big toes touch each other. Lean the bust forward from the waist and rest your forehead on the floor (if possible, avoid the dough). Place the arms backwards, the back of the hands touching the ground on both sides of the legs. Breathe in this position for 3 minutes and take a breath.

Collect the dough that must have become very fine around the roll, unroll it on the mold by letting it stick out of the edge and then apply it in the pie plate by flattening it well in order to line the walls. Prick with a fork.

Exercise No 3: Shoulder bridge

The back posed on the ground in neutral position (you must feel a hollow in the kidneys). The knees are bent, width of the hips. Contract the perineum and abdominals as if you wanted to stick your belly button to your spine, put your back to the ground, lift the glutes, then slowly peel off each vertebra one after the other to find yourself in the half position. bridge. Exhale during the effort. Take advantage of the posture to quickly walk through your apple pie recipe and inhale. At the end, go down vertebra after vertebra while keeping the belly and navel tight. Do the exercise 5 times.

Exercise No 4: Strengthening the Biceps and Glutes

Place yourself in a lunge position with the right leg bent forward. Hold a pack of one kilo of apples in each hand, leaving your arms along the body. Descend by flexing the right knee while alternately flexing the forearms to bring back the apples at your chest. Do the exercise ten times, make a pose of one minute and change your leg. Make 3 Series of 10 Repetitions.

Exercise No 5: Squats

Before you start, discard the loose apple cubes on the broken dough. Sprinkle with sugar, take the pie pan in hand and stand in front of the pre-heated oven.

Keep your bust and back straight, your chest open, your eyes horizontal, your arms outstretched in front of you with the pie in your hands serving as your weight. Descend slowly until your thighs are horizontal and your hips and knees are level, taking care not to spill the pie on the floor. Make 3 series of 10 squats.

Return the oven to 180 degrees, bake the pie. Close the oven door.

Exercise No 6: Balance

Put a kilo of sugar on your head and walk like a sleepwalker on an imaginary line taking care not to drop the packet of sugar. Take ten steps forward and ten steps back (if your kitchen allows it). When you feel comfortable, do the same exercise with your eyes closed.

Exercise No 7: Strengthening quadriceps and abductors

By doing the previous exercise with your eyes closed, you inadvertently dropped the packet of sugar that spilled onto the floor. It happens. Take a wet mop and slip it under your left foot.

Put your hands on your hips, spread your legs. Put your weight on the right foot while bending the knee while the left leg sticks to the side while remaining tense and the left foot slips to the floor with the mop. Feel during the descent that the quadriceps of the right leg is working. To go up, push on the left leg and feel the work of your abductors. Make 3 series of 10 repetitions. Change side.

If this has not been enough to deal with the sugar that has fallen to the ground, take a mini break, take Exercise Broom 1 and clean by bending your knees, squeezing your abs and keeping your back straight.

Exercise No 8: Stretching, stretching triceps

Take a second kilo of sugar (the first being dropped) and grab it as a weight in your right hand. Raise your right arm over your head, bend your elbow until the sugar touches your left shoulder blade. With your left hand, press on the right elbow to bring it closer to your head. Stay 20 seconds and do the same thing on the other side.

Exercise No 9: Stretching, stretching arms

Take an apple in your right hand and take it easy in your neck, stretching it in your neck, stretching it as much as you can so gently you can bite into the apple. Keep the position for 20 seconds without choking and start again on the other side.

The pie meanwhile did not quite have time to cook. But you, the other hand, should be cooked ...

A huge thank you to Tania Germond for doing this series of exercises with a smile.

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