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Miko Miko, made in Paris

December 12 2017

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The brand Miko Miko will be officially launched on Friday 15 December in a Parisian pop up store. The graphic designer Dyane de Serigny drew the clothes she dreamed of wearing: silhouettes as we like, a good mix between Bauhaus and the English tradition. Heart stroke. - Isabelle Cerboneschi.


To launch a new fashion brand in 2017 and decide that it will be entirely designed, designed, made in Paris, you have to have a lot of ... or absolute trust in his desires, or to believe very strongly that what we love, others will love him too, or not be afraid to go to the end of his dream, and if above all, we have a good star shining, it can help too. The brand Miko Miko is a girl of a bit all that.

Behind this brand with a double name, there is Dyane de Serigny. A graphic designer and artistic director who is not at her first attempt: she had created Amish Boyish with Nadège Winter in 2014. The brand revolved around good basics: sweatshirts and bombers. The adventure ended in 2016, with Dyane's desire to "create a larger, less capsule collection."

This snow-princess designer needed to do what she liked. Alone. Translate your memories and desires into an ideal wardrobe. "Have no artistic limit," she says. This freedom of expression pleased the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari, who founded with Maurizio Cattelan magazine Toiletpaper. It is he who created the visuals of Miko Miko: hyper saturated colors, shifted situations bordering the absurd, and this love factor which is his signature.

Miko Miko, it sounds like Moshi Moshi, like the ice cream Miko double dose of happiness that were offered at the intermission during the film sessions at a time that Dyane de Serigny did not know, but which remains impregnated in the collective imagination. "We found the name with my sweetheart right away," she says.

"This brand is made of meetings. I had the chance to know the creators of Parisian studio Hoon, who develop other brands than mine (Pigalle including, ed). Thanks to them, I launched my eyes closed because I had total confidence in our team. Everything is designed, made in Paris: it's a collection Made in Parisand we are very proud of it. This allows us to work like a real studio, like a real house, with a model maker who remakes the paintings, fittings, as many times as necessary. It's a real luxury and it feels in the making. "

In the first Miko Miko designer clothes, a short collection of 14 pieces, we can see reminiscences of Dyane de Serigny's biography. His past as a photographer-artist who exhibited from 2008 and some of whose works were auctioned at Christie's in 2008. "At first I think of my clothes as objects: I would like to look at them. It's a little fetishist like step. Then I need to want to wear them. " The creation is done in two stages: one starts from the craziest to go at least crazy, and one adapts. But for the first collection we were pleased by making clothes that are a signature. "

The main artistic reference is obvious: the Bauhaus. "My secret pitch was British Bauhaus, says Dyane de Serigny. We find this spirit on the bustier with the symbol of Bauhaus, pants of all colors. We even developed the first Miko Miko print that reminds me of the windows of Venice, "she says.

Beyond these artistic references, one can feel the influence of the English childhood of Dyane de Sérigny (she lived in England from the age of 8 years to 15 years) in the barnyard grounds, in France. use of English woolen cloths, or through the colors of school uniforms. "I was studying at the French school and unfortunately we did not wear uniforms while I dreamed of having one. A girlfriend had diverted hers by shortening her skirts, embroidering thousands of patches and that remained to me. We find some codes of these uniforms of boarding school in the collection. I recaptured them in the "twisting", like the blue blazer jacket, the Canadian, the vinyl tuxedo, or the jockey side of the bombers. "

This collection is a bit of the missing link in her own wardrobe: the clothes the designer dreamed of wearing and could not find in any brand. "Each piece is both extremely comfortable and protective. This protective side is something that I have always looked for in a garment, but without it being engonant. I wanted to make you feel at home. I like that the coat is very very long so that one can drape in and wear under pajamas without anyone knowing it. I have lengthened the Canadian, who is originally a short model, also for this protective side. And the pants have high sizes, because it keeps, it reassures, like hands that take you by the waist. The time is not reassuring and in these clothes shell, we know that we will be able to cope.

Not to mention the humor. "This little English side, this range of flashy colors - green, yellow, red - I needed it to instill cheerfulness into the collection. It gives a pop side, a spirit Swinging London which allows you to get into everyday life in a lighter way. When we talk about Miko Miko, I'd like us to think of a fashion Arty & Playful. Moreover for the next collection I chose a range of colors that is that of children's toys. Very clear primary colors. "When Dyane de Serigny evokes the colors she will use, her references are artistic: she says" blue Paulin ", for example, which evokes the one that often used the designer Pierre Paulin.

The images of the collection are signed Pierpaulo Ferrari. There is an obvious match between the colors of the clothes Miko Miko and the universe of the photographer; as if the work of one had been made to fit into the style of the other. The campaign reveals a modern Alice in Wonderland who, after crunching in a Rubik's cube, has become smaller than a banana or a big stuffed monkey. "I met Pierpaolo thanks to my darling, who makes music and who is one of the two artists of the Cassius duo (Philippe Zdar, ed). They had entrusted the creation of the cover of their last album to Toiletpaper. I'm a fan like many people of their work and I asked Pierpaolo if he wanted to shoot my first collection: he said yes right now. We went to Milan in their studio and it was fantastic! It was important for me to work with him because I wanted to mark from the beginning and in a very strong way the artistic direction of Miko Miko. The logo is special, I wanted the photos to be too. I preferred campaign images and not simple silhouettes because when you start you can not have everything: you have to choose. And Pierpaolo is an obvious signature. I want to work with him for a few seasons, if he agrees, and the idea would be to collaborate with a different artist in each collection. "

The next season of Miko Miko, the fall winter 2018 / 19, will be presented like all the others, next February. A parade? "I do not even think about it at this stage of our development! I would like to find a nice, humane way to show it. I installed the showroom in Philippe's recording studio. It has nothing to do with a usual showroom, and yet I feel good about it. Everyone feels good, by the way. We do not have to be like the big guys when we're not big. "

Pop up of 15 December at 15 January: 68, rue du Vertbois Paris 3ème. http://www.mikomiko.fr