Men and Jewels

For a long time, men were content with a watch, cufflinks, tie clips and, if necessary, a signet ring, provided they bore the family crest. The curb chain was not allowed, considered the height of kitsch. Things have changed and some jewellers now create sets for men. Text: Isabelle Cerboneschi. Model: Corentin Perrotti. Beauty: Boy Chanel. Hair: Jessy Dufosse. Photos & styling: Buonomo & Cometti

Brooches have been appearing on the lapels of some dandies for a few years now, but it wasn’t until 2021 that a Parisian jeweller, Marc Deloche, dared to create jewellery for men that combines pearls and chains. He remembered that, for centuries, jewellery was also the privilege of men and a sign of power in the aristocracy.

Tiffany, which was acquired in January 2021 by the LVMH group, has jumped on this new trend and launched the first diamond-set engagement ring for men: the Charles Tiffany Setting.

Its aim is to “celebrate our unique and singular love stories”, according to the press kit. An inclusive jewel that doesn’t really say its name, for men who love men, or not.

In 2021, jewellery no longer really has a gender, it passes from women to men, like a white shirt from Charvet, a pair of sneakers or jeans. Nor does it reveals a social belonging. It is, quite simply, what it has always been: one of the most beautiful ornaments. The proof is in the pictures…