Through the Looking-Glass

Louis Vuitton’s fall-winter 2020/21 collections have a dreamlike force and have become a pretext for telling a story. Photographers Buonomo and Cometti imagined a contemporary version of Alice in Wonderland around a few pieces of the men’s and women’s wardrobe. But instead of slipping endlessly down the rabbit hole, the heroine falls in the year 2021. And this time, she didn’t go down alone… Quotes: Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll. Models: Noor & Leandre. Photos : Buonomo & Cometti

Réalisation et Photos : Buonomo & Cometti
Collection Louis Vuitton Femme hiver 2020/21 par Nicolas Ghesquière
Collection Louis Vuitton Homme hiver 2020/21 par Virgil Abloh
Models :
Noor @ Elite, insta;  @noor.krens
Léandre @ IMG ; insta @leandrelasalamandre
Merci ! Evane @Elite & Sami @IMG