Alone for Christmas at Beau Rivage

In suite 211-212, a multitude of shoes are placed in front of the fireplace. An invisible guest has given herself the most beautiful gift. Photographs and art direction: Aimée Hoving and Marc Amiguet, Assistant: Gieri Cosson. Styling: Pascale Hug.

In suite 211-212, December 24th. A multitude of shoes is lying in front of the fireplace, waiting.

An unseen guest has given herself a wonderful gift: a Christmas night alone in one of Geneva’s most beautiful palaces.

Adorned with her jewels, for the simple pleasure of wearing them, she celebrates facing Lake Geneva, offering herself the best of life, because she is her best friend.
Thank you to the team at Beau Rivage in Geneva, and particularly to Mr Jacques Mayer, for welcoming the team with such generosity.