Dandys’ rule

They do not answer to any rule, no dogma, but bloom again according to the times, like the gardenias that Jean Cocteau wore at his buttonhole. The year 2021 and its omnipresent screens leave them an infinite field of expression. Men grooming: Dior. Models : @Img. Photos & Style: Buonomo & Cometti

The future belongs to the dandy. It is the exquisites who are going to rule, said Oscar Wilde.

Time has not proven him right, but the dandies remain, blooming again like the gardenia that Jean Cocteau wore on his lapel.
Their particular elegance, their refinement, their detachment, their way of transgressing the rules fit rather well with the time we are living in. Today’s dandies blossom in spite of limitations, or thanks to them. They brand themselves, shunning dogmas, inventing new codes and intimate details that only they know the meaning of.
They put themselves on stage because they are worth it, because life now flows through screens and these are open windows onto the world.

* A Woman of No Importance, Lord Illingworth, Act 3. Oscar Wilde.